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I’m a blogger, freelance journalist and producer who is currently working on various multi-modal and journalistic projects. They range from UK News to international politics. Most of my pieces consist of commentary on political and media-based affairs. 

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I’ve worked as a freelance reporter for a wide range of outlets, including: The Daily Express, PoliticsHome, Comment Central and Wolves of Westminster.

Health minister Nadine Dorries says her 84-year-old mother also has coronavirus.

Health minister Nadine Dorries, who earlier this week was diagnosed with Coronavirus, has announced that her 84-year-old mother has also tested positive.

Mass gatherings set to be banned in UK from next week as Government tries to halt coronavirus spread.

Mass gatherings in the UK are expected to be banned from next weekend as the Government steps up its response to the coronavirus crisis.

EXCLUSIVE: Young Brexiteers to be official youth wing of the Brexit Party

After successfully gaining 29 seats in the European Parliament and 4 seats in the Welsh Assembly, the Brexit Party are now turning their attention to Westminster.

PM tests positive for Coronavirus

Boris Johnson is currently self-isolating in Downing Street after having tested positive for Coronavirus. The Prime Minister was tested after complaining of mild symptoms of the deadly disease.


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I enjoy blogging about all things political, humanitarian, conflict and media-based. Some pieces aim to be hard-hitting and insightful, meanwhile others are there for your amusement. 

Restoring Hope

Having spent the weekend surveying social media and observing my mates’ reaction to the George Floyd protests, I felt this overwhelming urge to do the same, and post a tribute of some sort. But at the same time, I felt as though it would mean very little if I were just to retweet or re-post the corresponding links, photos, videos and even statements from activists.

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Alex Salmond and the Kremlin-funded chat show

When I first heard the news that Alex Salmond was going to try his hand at becoming the next Graham Norton, I almost pissed myself with laughter. Not only does Alex lack the confidence, charisma, humour, intelligence and creativity to actually make it a success, he also doesn’t realise that RT has only offered him this format because it aids the Kremlin’s agenda.

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The Importance Of Being Resolute

I suppose the great thing about these weekly posts is that I can follow my own rules and even end up breaking them at the same time.

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Client Testimonials

Don’t just take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

“Ted is an enthusiastic and talented journalist with an exciting future ahead of him. I employed him at Comment Central where he engaged with leading politicians and commentators. He also wrote, edited and published informed articles across a number of different policy areas.”

William Walter

Chairman at Comment Central

“Working with Ted was a real pleasure. His energy and thirst to get to know things will get him far! And it’s clear he really cares about the wider context of his journalism. He has definitely got it in him to take those deeper dives – whatever he ends up doing.”

Austin Cooper

Former Event Producer at The Frontline Club

”Ted has all the makings of a top political reporter: strong news judgement, a genuine interest in what’s going on in SW1, and the ability to work hard to make a story come together. He was a real safe pair of hands on our Saturday news shifts, where we worked together on the Breakfast Briefing email and is an engaging podcaster and blogger in his own right. I look forward to seeing what he does next.”

Matt Foster

Acting Editor at PoliticsHome


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