Month: March 2020

Lockdown life and exploring liberalism

Twitter would have you think that lockdown life consists of grabbing a shotgun and the last tin of baked beans. However, if I’m honest, I can’t really complain.

Johnson Government must address the homeless crisis

Homelessness is a Public Health crisis that must be treated like one, says Edward Jeffery.

Boris Johnson is a Liberal Opportunist

Ted Jeffery argues Boris will always have a liberal-Tory ideology just like his political idol, Sir Winston Churchill – another progressive Tory of his time.

Is he the Messiah, or is he just a very naughty Tory?

Is Rory Stewart capable of rising to the challenge? This is what Ted Jeffery thinks of his chances.

#NoThanks – Home Is Where The Heart Is

Ted Jeffery explains his issues with the SNP whilst also launching a new campaign to try and keep Scotland an integral part of the UK. 

Homelessness needs to be a concern throughout Whitehall

Homelessness is one of Britain biggest public health epidemics and despite the conversation surrounding housing, I believe the issue solely lies within the current administration.