The Importance Of Being Resolute

I suppose the great thing about these weekly posts is that I can follow my own rules and even end up breaking them at the same time.

Originally, I’d planned to write about a campaign launch. For the first time since starting these weekly posts, I’d planned what I was going to write and even found myself writing up a little structure.

But, as other bloggers very well know, when your mind takes you on a completely different journey, sometimes it’s just better to embrace those ideas rather than stick to the original plan.

At the time of writing this, it’s around 23:55 on a Saturday evening and, like I do most evenings before I go to bed, I watch the Sky News Press Preview. Not because I’m some sort of news junkie – it just acts as a pleasant piece of background noise when I’m scrolling through Twitter and too tired to pay attention to anything else.

So I thought, instead of this week trying to be outrageously political and attempt to show up the idiocy of Scottish Nationalism, I felt I’d focus my attention on some of the idiocy I’ve been witnessing on TV.

We are still yet to hear Boris’ announcement for easing lockdown measures, and yet some people seem to think that it’s time to head down to Brighton beach and fire up the BBQ.

I was shocked to see the number of gatherings in East London parks, and even the groups of young fellas down on Brighton beach enjoying a piss-up.

I’m never going to understand why it is that certain people have the desire to destroy everyone’s hard work and flush the achievements of the NHS down the toilet.

They are an organisation that’s given blood, sweat and tears to ensure our social organism can be fully functional, yet this weekend it seems all we’ve managed to do is stick two fingers up to them.

We are now the worst country in Europe for coronavirus-related deaths, but clearly facts and statistics don’t seem to get through to the cob-webbed minds of some Brits.

Maybe they’d benefit from seeing the actual dead bodies themselves. As morbid as that may sound, it could be the only way some people might start to understand that this isn’t some government conspiracy.

Lockdown is getting to us all. There are mornings when I wake up and really struggle to push myself to accomplish certain tasks. Staying in touch with friends helps to pass the time as well, but funnily enough, it’s not necessarily the friends I’ve known for 5 years that I miss the most.

I’m reminded of the individual I miss the most through a quote…

“It is always painful to part from people whom one has known for a brief space of time. The absence of old friends one can endure with equanimity, but even a momentary separation from anyone to whom one has just been introduced is almost unbearable.”

Oscar Wilde

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