I’m a freelance journalist, who is always on the look-out for new and exciting projects to work on. Having had the experience of being a Deputy Editor of a political blog, which boasts an annual readership of 1 million, I understand the importance of publishing content that is going to reinvigorate debate and hopefully add to the national conversation.

Aside from blogging and opinion writing, I’m also keen on producing visual and audio content. I’ve built up my own podcast, interned as a producer at the Frontline Club and am now currently working on my own YouTube channel, where I interview a wide range of Politicos from across the spectrum.

This website will offer a home to all the content I’ve currently and still am producing. I believe in being an all-rounder when it comes to taking on the industry head first. No journalist is indispensable, but you can make yourself a key component of any outlet by being at the heart of their content production.